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How much is a 2020 Ford F150?
Starting MSRP is only:

Extreme testing in order to make sure you get a tough Truck with zero weakness!

When it came to the 2020 Ford F150 for sale in Stephenville Granbury Fort Worth TX - Ford took the earliest versions of this new generation out and bombarded it with the roughest terrain, a giant swing of temperature tests starting from below 20 and pushing all the way up to an insufferable 120+ degrees to ensure it is ready for any temperature.  From there the trucks were tested for over a staggering 10 million cumulative miles!  All that is before the first truck even rolled off the assembly line!
The 2020 Ford F150 for sale in Stephenville Granbury Fort Worth TX has 6 different engines to choose from, each one designed to take on a different need of the truck industry. Below is a breakdown with some highlights of each engine to help you decide which one may be best for your needs. 

2.7 EcoBoost - 325 horsepower, 400 lb.-ft. of torque, and impressive max payload capacity and incredible max towing numbers, this little V6 blows everyone away. Taking cues from its predecessor the 3.5L EcoBoost, this smaller version is just as impressive if not more so. This spunky engine features industry leading tech such as Ford-first fuel and direct injection with 2 injectors per cylinder. Additionally, this is a very strong engine due to its heavy duty components such as an upper block and cylinders made from high-strength compacted graphite iron…the same that is used in the Super Duty diesel engine. All that together gives this little engine the proper pedigree to dominate the industry!

3.3L Ti-VCT V6 - As the 2.7 EB was the smaller version of the 3.3L EB…this is the smaller version of the tried-and-true and fully-proven 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engine. This version is designed to be an amazing all around engine able to withstand the rigors of every day tasks confidently over time.

Traditional 3.5L EcoBoost - Year after year this engine continues to impress by providing V6 fuel economy and V8 power! 375 HP and 470 torque cranking out of this engine, it is pretty impressive what it can do while beating out ALL outer gas and diesel competitors!

New 3.5L EcoBoost High-Output (HO) - this is the Baja-bred Raptor engine. Designed to be infamous in its making, it dominates the on-road and off-road terrain with ease. This engine dishes out more power then it's predecessor that was almost twice its size, the 6.2LV8, and dominates it on all the numbers. If

5.0L Ti-VCT V8 - This is the powerhouse and workhouse of the F150. 400 lb-ft of torque, 395 HP, and all muscle! Dominate the road, off-road, worksites, urban streets, and all in-between with this established engine. You want a powerful V8 that has proven itself…here it is!

3.0L Power Stroke Diesel - Available on the upper trim lines of the Ford F150 you can get the diesel option in this Light Duty half-ton truck. It is the "little-brother" to the infamous 6.7L which it put into our Super Duty trucks, but "miniaturized" in a sense to need the needs and demands of our F150 series trucks. For those that don't need to be towing or hauling insane amounts, but frequently tow in general respectable amounts, this is the engine for you. This best-in-class diesel HP of 250 @ 3250 RPMs and 440 lb.-ft. of torque @ 1750 RPMs, you are ready to tackle job that will impress even higher-class trucks. To top it all off, you get a best-in-class 30 highway MPG!

The 2020 Ford F150 for sale in Stephenville Granbury Fort Worth TX has the Technology That Works not just for you but for the job you do. There is an all-new available 8-Inch display screen. This screen is larger than before and utilizes intelligent tabs turn the navigation between screens, apps, and systems very easy and fun at the same time. This is the command center for your truck! Directly to your forefront you get it all at your fingertips with this big touchscreen display that is ready to perform. Now, with the my view feature, you are able to select your preferred screen or the one you use more than any others, up to seven different screens, and put them into one consolidated view for much greater convenience!  There is a great Trip/Fuel feature that allows you to check trip mileage and fuel usage designed specifically for expense reporting. You can track your recent fuel mileage in order to check the performance efficiency of your engine at any given time. There is general information systems such as temperature gauges, oil life gauges, transmission temp, engine hours, and the list goes on! Any major vehicle point can be brought up and viewed to review the health of your truck any time you want by simple pushes of buttons. Want to tow? This truck is set up from the factor to take care of you in that regard too! You can set a trailer brake control inside the cab to the current grade on up to 10 different trailer profiles.  This truck delivers more towing and hauling capability than any of its predecessors, and that is quite an impressive feat. How does up to 12,000 pounds when properly equipped sound? Well add another 200 to make it 12,200 and you have the number that makes other trucks look on with envy.

For those that want to take their 2020 Ford F150 for sale in Stephenville Granbury Fort Worth TX offroad, this truck has you covered there too with an aggressive off-road pitch roll, and differential. If you are looking for amenities, this truck has that available too starting with a twin panel power moonroof. This roof is extends over the rear seats so all can enjoy it. There is plentiful under seat storage under the versatile rear seats that you are bale to get in 60/40 split and there is additional stoage in the form of a pull-out bin beneath the middle seat of the front if you have the 40/20/40 config. For those that need extra seating, this bad boy is able to seat up to 6 passengers with ease when configured correctly on both the super crew and super cab models. There are power plugs throughout, an available 360 camera system is a wonderful option that takes a 4-camera system to provide a full view all the way around the truck making it so easy to park, even in tight places.