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How much is a 2019 Ford Fiesta?
Starting MSRP is only:

2019 Ford Fiesta for sale in Stephenville Granbury Fort Worth TX is the beginner vehicle if you will to the Ford Brand with the lowest starting price among the whole line-up. This is a fun-filled car that promises to be everything you hope it will be and more. The interior is impressive, the exterior is sharp, and performance and economy stats are powerful, and has plenty of choices in options/equipment so you are sure to get the perfect car. All in all, when it comes to entry level vehicle, no one does it better than Ford!

Inside the 2019 Ford Fiesta for sale in Stephenville Granbury Fort Worth TX you will think magic from Harry Potter was used to be able to make it so spacious. There is tons of room in side in both styles, sedan and hatchback alike. Plenty of room for passengers to sit comfortable, and great versatility for a combination of passengers and cargo. There are pretty neat interior features available such as interior ambient lighting to set the mood and a wide array of available technologies you are sure to love. What kind of technologies? How about things like that all-new SYNC3 system, voice-activated features, touchscreen displays, Apps like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, integrated GPS navigation with traffic and Travel Link, HD radio, and FordPass…just to name a few are all available in this amazing car!

2019 Ford Fiesta for sale in Stephenville Granbury Fort Worth TX is one amazing design that is dynamically fluidic and personalize'able. 10 different vibrant colors to ensure the perfect color, available appearance packages, your choice between a stylish sedan or sporty hatchback, and seven different wheel designs are available. The cars overall design is fairly unique and quite a style of its own, in a good way. In some places it has traditional Ford lines and heritage styling points, but in other areas things look as if they were painted on with a brush ever so elegantly. Things like the headlights, where they boldly start and then lightly taper off as if a brush is gently lifting off the canvas as the lights end, very stylish. The population today demands nothing but the best looking vehicle from our design departments these days, and the Fiesta does not disappoint.

2019 Ford Fiesta for sale in Stephenville Granbury Fort Worth TX as mentioned before is quite the performer in all sense of the word for its class. The engine this car comes with standard is the tried-and-true 1.6L Ti-VCT four-cylinder that has proved itself time and again. The ST trim line, which is the performance trim, upgrades that engine to be a 1.6L High-Output turbocharged EcoBoost engine with direct-injection for maximum potential. This performance engine is capable of dishing out an impressive 197 HP and 202 torque making this quite the "spunky" car that is sure to surprise you. The standard engine still does a respectable 120 horsepower and 112 torque. When it comes to the fuel economy of this car, the standard engine will provide you with and EPA estimated 27/35 City/Hwy. The ST engine actually does not to too much worse atan impressive 26/33 respectively for quite a bit more power.

2019 Ford Fiesta for sale in Stephenville Granbury Fort Worth TX come with a total of three different trim lines to choose from and 2 styles (Sedan and Hatch). The S is your entry level trim line that only comes in the sedan version. That trim line is followed by the SE whitch is available in both styles. Next is the ST and the ST -Line which are performance lines. Depending on the price you want to be at along with the style of the vehicle you desire fused with your equipment needs will determine which is best for you. To get all the information you need in order to make an educated decision you really do need to get behind the wheel of these models and experience it for yourself. You will be happy you did. We offer Obligation free test drives and no-hassle visits. Our family owned dealership is different. Here, at Mike Brown Ford Dealership, you will be treated with dignity and we will be respectful of your time.

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