Tire and Wheel Protection Package

Your tires and wheels are one of the most vulnerable parts of your whole vehicle, therefore it completely makes sense to protect them both. If you think about it, it is your tires and wheels that have more contact with the world around you than anything else on your car, truck, or SUV. Just three of the many things that can put you out of pocket is: Debris in the road can put a hole in your tire, or accidentally scraping a curb will damage your wheel; and lets not forget the countless potholes that are everywhere which can cause damage to both the tire and wheel. Some of these repairs can be very costly especially when you get into wheel repair. Fear not though because we have you covered with a great Tire and Wheel Protection Package available to you. This program is designed to keep you on the road by protecting the very thing that keeps you on the road. See dealer for details.

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